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Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride is canceled this year!  But why?  Is it for safety?  Are they worried about protest backlash?  It is getting protested itself?  Is it canceled by getting “canceled?”  No, they just kinda forgot to plan it.  Seriously.  It takes a big effort, and they didn’t have the manpower this year.  It’ll be back next year though.  

I realize I talk about animals a lot; call it my agenda.   But ther’s another cougar story; this one is much more spooky.  Angel’s Rest Trail, which is in the Gorge is closed because there’s a cougar in the area, and it was stalking hikers.  Like… following humans, and this wasn’t reported but I think it tying a dinner napkin around its neck.  That’s unconfirmed.

And finally, we know there’s a lot of graffiti in this town, but get a load of this dude’s claim.  “Just about everything, like 98% of everything ODOT owns is painted.”  I didn’t realize it was that much.  But check this, next month, they will be shutting down I-84 to paint over everything.  So…  new graffiti in August!

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