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Gotta admire the balls on this new ballot initiative that we’ll probably be voting on.  It’s called the Oregon Rebate.  Here’s the gist…  we’re gonna raise the corporate tax in Oregon, and… give it back to ourselves, in an annual check for $750.  To every Oregonian.  Never mind that isn’t how taxes work; I’ll bet it passes, because who wouldn’t want that?

It’s ballsy, just like story #2; the Portland Pickles are gonna start selling seltzers that can get you high.  Cycling Frog Seltzers don’t have alcohol, but they do have THC.  The Pickles will be the first sports team to have THC products on their gametime menu, which, is so Pickles, because 5 years ago, they were the first sports team to have CBD products.  Going full Portland.

And finally, you probably heard about I-5 shutting down yesterday because of propane canisters catching fire.  It’s all fixed now, and props to the crews that worked hard to do that, but here’s what I didn’t know…  the driver unhitched and miraculously got away, but we don’t know who that is.  The driver didn’t stick around; cops are looking for them.  Which…  questions.

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