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Another atmospheric river starts today in the area, and from the looks of the forecast, we’ll be in this one through the weekend.  Here’s the danger…  rain makes the ground soft, and any trees that were damaged from the ice storm could come down now.  Might be good to gas up that generator again just in case.

You’re gonna be voting on a gas tax for Portland in May.  This will re-up the 10 cent gas hike in Portland, which will fix potholes, traffic signals, and repaving.  Remember this passed in 2016, and then again in 2020 with even more support, so if you hate the idea, better talk to your friends.

And finally, this hurts, but it turns out Damian Lillard might have been right to make his move to Milwaukie, because he was just named to the All-Star starting 5 for the first time in his career.  This is like when your ex leaves you for their career and then gets a huge promotion, and proves you wrong.

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