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Salem-Keizer…  time to start watching the news.  Your school district has been in negotiations with the teachers union for a little while now, and they’ve hit a snag, and you know what comes next…  we’re talking about strikes.  District made a maximum offer, union said no, and now we find out if anybody’s gonna give.

We finally have a time for when we’ll get to see the new and improved PDX.  In May, we see Phase 1, where the airline check-ins will be shuffled around, better TSA flow, and 12 new shops and restaurants.  Two best things?  The PDX Carpet comes back, and that connector hallway that makes it so you can’t mess up which security line you go through.  Nice.

And finally, what feels like the big news of the week, abolishing Daylight Saving Time in Oregon…  might actually happen this year.  It’s past committee, which means they’re gonna argue about it, and then vote on it.  Not us…  them.  The Legislature.  When we Fall Back in October, that might be our new, permanent time.

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