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Did ya get that Amber Alert in the middle of the night?  Yikes.  It’s a story we need to care about, an ex-cop from Yakima might have committed a couple murders and then fled south with a 1-year old…  but tell me if you had this reaction to being woken up.  “Dah!  What the…  OK…  gahh, I hope they get him; I don’t think I can help right now; good luck guys.”

Lake Oswego is still, sorta not, but definitely available to the public, but not really.  I’m being about as vague as the jury was.  Following two weeks of testimony, the legal battle of Lake Oswego continues.  Can the public access the lake?  The jury has ruled…  *shrug*.  The Oregon Supreme Court basically said the same…  we’ll see what the judge says next month.

And finally, the Sports Bra, the Portland-owned sports bar that made headlines by only televising women’s sports, is going national.  Alexis Ohanian, the guy who founded Reddit (and is Serena Williams’s husband) is going to invest, and the Sports Bra will be offering franchises to open in other US cities.  Feels kinda like a can’t-miss investment, doesn’t it?

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