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The Sisters Rodeo got pretty real this weekend when a bull decided to go grab himself some curly fries.  You see him running around doing that thing they do after a ride, and then you see him…  boop, right into the crowd.  A crowd that, by the way, gasped and recoiled, and then ran to see help or see better.  Three people were injured; all are going to be OK.

Bridgelifts are already happening this morning as the ships from Fleet Week depart.  One Coast Guard vessel left yesterday, and the Canadian ships, as well as the USS Montgomery, the big US Navy ship, are all currently leaving, and will be causing bridgelifts of the Steel, Broadway, & Burnside bridges; no better reason for there to be traffic.

And finally, this dude’s face is gonna be floating around Portland for the next little while.  Charlie Hunnam is gonna star in a new Amazon Prime TV show called Criminal that is going to be filming here in Portland.  Also watch for Kadeem Hardison, Adria Arjona, and Richard Jenkins as well.  Remember, watch the show when it comes out; that’s easy money for our economy.

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