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The new stoplight on Powell Blvd. is gonna know when you’re going fast, and it’s gonna stop you.  The technology senses speed, and after it goes red, it won’t turn to green until it senses that you’ve actually stopped for the light.  Think of them as kindergarten teachers…  as soon as everybody is quiet and still, then we can go to recess.

The time to pay the Portland Arts Tax has come.  If you live in Portland and are over 18, you owe $35 to the city, and that money helps pay for teachers and supplies for Portland’s elementary schools to have arts & music programs.  Remember, this is on you.  You probably got a mailer to remind you, but you gotta go and pay the money.

And finally, after the news of Nike cutting a bunch of jobs, their competitor On is trying to grab some of their customers.  On is a Swiss company that makes shoes, but their American headquarters is in the Pearl District, and they’re opening a new store in Northwest.  Gonna be a straight-up shoe turf war; time to pick sides.

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