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There’s something going down at the coast.  In the past week, a never-before-seen-in-Oregon angler fish has washed up, giant octopus tentacles have washed up, a humpback whale washed up, mysterious tar balls that are killing birds have washed up, and 20 people have fallen sick from mussels harvested off the coast.  This is the first 20 seconds of a disaster movie.

Thousands of people visited Willamette National Cemetery yesterday for Memorial Day, many of whom don’t know anybody who is buried there.  Many events were happening around town; Senator Wyden awarded a posthumous medal at a Hillsboro Hops celebration, various tributes were held, and of course, flyovers from the Air Guard.

And finally, we add to the list of Memorials, NBA Legend Bill Walton passed away yesterday.  The Big Redhead as he was known was drafted to the Blazers as the #1 pick, led the team to its last championship in 77, and was also a play-by-play announcer for the team for years as well.  He was 71 and lost his battle with cancer surrounded by family.

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