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Cool way for the trade kids to show off their skillz with a Z.  Kelso High School held the Regional SkillsUSA Welding Competition at their school last week; 32 students from around the area competed for welding domination.  Congrats to Tucker Salisbury, Carter Huff, & Steven Jacka for taking home the trophies, which I assume they had to make themselves.

The Oregon Museum of Science & Industry is getting some love from Newsweek magazine this week.  It’s one of 15 places named in the Best Science Museum category, citing its full range of exhibits and on top of that the Planetarium & the theater.  And not even mentioned was the marble maze thing that I’ve spent a full year of my life watching.

And finally, we are in Dumpling Week in Portland, a celebration of the Asian treat, and Oregon Live has a big list of places for you to go try one, because most of them are doing specials this week.  Embarrassed to say I’ve never had one of those, despite me actually being a lump of meat wrapped in a pale greasy shell myself.

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