If you haven’t been sleeping right since March . . . you definitely aren’t alone.
middle aged woman sleeping in bed

This Pandemic Is really pushing people, some are losing their minds and others are losing sleep including me

Since March, Stress has set in, and I’m up thinking about work, life, and what’s next, and since my accident, back in July, I’m really struggling with sleep these days I think it’s a mild case of PTSD from my fall, and breaking like Humpty Dumpty.

According to a new survey, Many people say the stress from the pandemic has had a negative effect on their sleep. And the biggest way they’re trying to sleep better is . . . not checking the news at night because it’s just so incredibly stressful.

Here are the top 9 other ways people are trying to get better sleep during the pandemic

1. Eating healthier

2. Exercising . . .

3. Reading a good book  . . .

4. Listening to music

5. Taking a warm bath or shower

6. Meditating

7. Making Love.

8. Taking an over-the-counter sleep aid . . .

9. Getting better pillows.


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