If You’re Over 5’9″, You’re at Higher Risk for More Than 100 Health Conditions

If you’re taller than 5-foot-9, it’s a miracle you’re still alive. Me I Stand at 5′ 10 inches  barely over the mark

A new study looked at the medical records of 280,000 Americans and found tall people are at a higher risk for over a HUNDRED different health conditions.

They used a database from the V.A., so everyone involved was a veteran, and about 90% were men.  For the study, they defined “tall people” as anyone over 5’9″.

Just a few of the conditions tall people are more prone to include blood clots . . . an irregular heartbeat . . . nerve damage . . . lightheadedness . . . inflammation . . . ulcers . . . leg pain . . . and bone infections.

They’re not sure why tall people are more susceptible, they just noticed a connection.  But one theory is it’s harder to pump blood through your body if you’re tall.  And that can lead to all sorts of health issues long term.

A lot of the health conditions also had to do with people’s legs and feet.  So the extra weight that comes with being tall could be a factor too.


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