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First up, Oregon is just about to ban styrofoam.  You don’t see it that much anyway around here, but it’s probably gonna be officially prohibited after the first of the year, and if you wanna go a step further, restaurants will have to let you bring in your own containers… after the New Year

Next up, catching bugs professionally is gonna be a thing in Washington.  The state wants to hire 32 full-time insect trappers to catch the many invasive species that come around each year.  I guess start working on this move.

And finally, you know that joint on 82nd that was a bowling alley, and then it was a bike park?  Well now, it’s gonna be a Pickleball center.  The Lumberyard will be pickleball primarily, but also bocce ball (bokke ball?  I don’t know how to say it), ping pong, cornhole.  Just an indoor, year-round, hangout for people who can’t play real sports anymore.

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