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The seasons are changing, and here’s how we know…  Mt. Hood Meadows had their last event , their annual Pond Skim event.  People dress up, they try to make it across 100 feet of water, some do, some don’t, but it does signify the end of the season up at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Sunday night saw another night of street racing up in North Portland, the police were nearby, but with that many people, there’s not a lot they can do.  There is a bill heading through the Oregon House that will make street racing a Class A misdemeanor, which of course begs the question… what is it now?  Detention after school?  Time Out?  

And finally, did you see this story from over the weekend?  The Camas High School prom was held on Saturday, and one kid (his name is Sherman Bynum) hired a tank.  An M3A1 Stuart tank, which would have been baller in Camas, but they had their prom at the Portland Art Museum in downtown.  Kid rode a tank to his prom…  that is swagger.  Gotta give it to him.

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