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It’s like Red Dawn in the Pacific NW, but instead of the Soviets, it’s pikeminnow, and instead of Patrick Swayze, it’s you.  Pikeminnow are an invasive, disruptive species, and Washington state needs you to catch them for money.  Details are on KOIN’s site, on how to get the app and how to start making money.

The crackdown on Street Racing is happening.  There is now a “special police detail” dedicated to hammering these racers.  5 arrests this weekend, 33 citations and no longer were the streets blocked by people joyriding.  If your kids know people doing this, tell him it’s not safe no more.  Unless you’re Vin Diesel.

And finally, it MIGHT rain today, but that’s gonna be the end of it for a while, 60s today, 70s on Wednesday, Friday 80º, and this weekend, it’s gonna be HOT.  94°.  Listen…  we’re in the tail end of spring now.  Get one of those window A/C units before they sell out.

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