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Amazon is building 5 more data centers out in central Oregon, but I’m not sure we should be all that excited about it.  The officials have given them $1B in tax breaks, that’s $1B the state won’t get.  It’ll bring jobs though, and jobs bring people and people bring money, so maybe it’ll be good.

We can be excited about this…  Damian Lillard has been named to the 3rd Team All-NBA, and this is the 7th time he’s been named All-NBA honors, which is the most in franchise history.  Brandon Roy never did that, LaMarcus Aldridge never did that, not even Clyde Drexler ever did that.

And finally, this is a bit scary, just the thought that this can happen.  Two sinkholes at Camp Kiwanda near Pacific City have formed.  The first one appeared a few months ago, the second one appeared 10 feet away, it’s 10 feet across, and 30 feet deep.  They say to be vigilant if you go visit, as if we’d know what to look for.  Terrifying.

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