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The 150 best things to do in the United States have been ranked, and three of them are here in Oregon.  Highest on the list is Newport, OR, with its shopping, marine life and camping trails, the summit of Mt. Hood is next highest on the list (little tougher to visit), and third is the city of Bend, with its…  y’know, Bendiness.\

Multnomah Falls didn’t make the list, but with its regular popularity, it’ll be an attraction anyway, which is why they’re bringing back the timed reservation system again this year.  $2 per permit, and it’ll give you a window of time when you can go, and you’ll have parking and smaller crowds.  We all know it’s not the $2, it’s the hassle that’ll keep people away.

And finally, for our Portland Trailblazers, big news this week, the Blazers will have the 3rd pick in the NBA Draft for next year.  And I think this is good news; think about it this way…  we drafted Greg Oden over Kevin Durant as the 1st pick.  We picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan as the 2nd pick.  But 3rd pick, we’ve never had. 

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