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The multiple days of 90° weather were a big change for us all, and a HUGE change on Mt. Hood.  Over the 9 days of hot weather we had, 33 inches of snow melted off of Mt. Hood, which means the rivers will be high, fast, filled with debris, and very cold.  Be careful; there were already tragedies this weekend.

On the other side of town, it’s not water that’s the danger, it’s bears.  In Forest Park of all places.  It’s the wilderness area between Highway 30 & Highway 26, 3 sightings of black bears prowling around homes.  This is in the Portland city limits.  Actual bears, be careful there too.

And this is very cool news… Tom Hanks was in town this weekend.  He was here promoting a book, but he is apparently a fan of old-school typewriters, and as such, visited The Type Space in SE Portland and bought a typewriter he’d been searching for.  Doesn’t get cooler than that.

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