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Big birthday today to Delilah the chimpanzee up at the Oregon Zoo.  50 years old today, all those years lived right here at our zoo.  Chimpanzees typically only live to be about 30, and she’s not even the oldest at the zoo.  And Delilah…  knew Jane Goodall.  Happy birthday, ya old lady.

Next, people usually forget this, but Multnomah Co. has a fair too.  You hear about the fairs in the outer rim because they’re much bigger, but this weekend is the Multnomah Co. Fair at Oaks Park.  Obviously rides and stuff, but lots of attractions, shows, wiener dog races, it’s a good time.

Aaaand, the reason that people usually forget about it is because of the other thing that starts today…  The Rose Festival.  Happens across the river in downtown at Waterfront Park, rides, attractions, lots of food, Starlight Parde, Fleet Week… be watching for Danny & I to be all over.

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