In-N-Out Is Fine

Months ago, Danny Dwyer told me he was going to buy me another In-N-Out burger so I could experience it properly.  Months went by, and we never found a reason to make the trip down to Keizer Station to grab one…  until this weekend.

Yesterday, Danny & I got to partner up with Funtime RV and give out some tickets to the Portland Metro RV Show.  And because we wanted to make a roadtrip out of it, Danny & I saw this as the chance to hit up In-N-Out and give this thing another shot.

And y’know what?  It’s a fine burger.  It’s fine.  It’s an A-.

But let’s be honest…  any average Northwesterner can name 5 burgers that are just as good.  And 5 more that they prefer.  People with nostalgia about California are always going to defend In-N-Out as the best, and that’s their right.  But it ain’t true.

I’m always down for a Burgerville burger.  And given the choice, I’ll take it over In-N-Out any day.

But it’s fine.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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