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Instagram Influencer Fakes Bali Vacation at IKEA To Prove How Fake Social Media Can Be

Think everything you see on these influencer girls Instagrams are real? Think again…

Earlier this month, Instagram influencer and YouTuber Natalia Taylor faked a Bali vacation by doing photoshoots in a local IKEA furniture store, according to People. Taylor posted “#VacationGoals” pictures to her 300,000 Instagram followers, wearing a pink dress and posing in what appeared to be exotic locations. However, she later uploaded a YouTube video called “I FAKED a vacation at IKEA”, revealing her motives and documenting her photoshoots. “I believe influencers have a responsibility to show full transparency at all times,” Taylor said. “Because this is not always the case, we all need a reminder that not everything you see online is accurate.”

Taylor says she’s happy to entertain with, “refreshing content that makes people laugh and think,” but also thinks “We take social media too seriously. And we shouldn’t believe everything on it.” In a statement, IKEA says, “No matter the reason, we’re happy to provide an inspiring destination for our fans IRL and on ‘the gram.’”

Just a friendly reminder that no one’s life is as perfect as it seems on the gram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Everyone has a ‘real’ life behind the closed doors so when you’re comparing yourself to the perfection you see just remember – it isn’t perfection at all.



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