America drinks Skunk Butt and says it’s #1.

I am once again shook by another beer report. This one from YouGov says America’s favorite beer is from Europe…for shame! Heineken took the #1 position on the list of favorite beers and #2 is Guinness…really people?!

It should also be noted that Heineken is the favorite for Washington, Oregon and California. As many of you may already know I love beer and I often go to pubs around the area. Not have I once seen Heineken on tap! Maybe I’ve seen 1 or 2 sitting on a table. I do see some of that tar looking beer more frequently but it’s hard to determine if it’s actually Guinness or a different stout. The only coffee flavor I like is in coffee.

It’s highly possible that since  Americans drink so much craft brewed beer, there’s too many to choose from. Therefore the thousands of craft brewed  that got votes didn’t make the cut. They’re not going to make it to the top of the list because they aren’t a standard like the ones listed at YouGov.

Butt Face Amber is my favorite and yes I see the Irony.

My favorite beer, Butt Face Amber is a small time beer I found at The Ram in Wilsonville and it’s the bees knees.  I do see the irony in the the name of the beer and the fact that I call Heineken Skunk Butt and I assure you there is no butt flavor in Butt Face Amber. I don’t ever see it making the list because it’s one of those unknowns…It’s just hard to believe that Heineken is #1, I need more time to be sad about this.

Do you think Heineken should be #1?
What’s your favorite beer?

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