Is That You Setting Off Fireworks in the Middle of the Night? Everyone Hates You

With the Celebration of America’s birthday right around the corner and fireworks now on sale in Oregon, people’s social media platforms are exploding with upset neighbors about fireworks waking them up . . . waking their kids up . . . or scaring their pets.

Obviously it’s nothing new.  Living in Vancouver it always starts around the Fourth.  But it seems like it’s even more common this year.

New York City has had 426 TIMES more noise complaints in June than the same time last year.  And it’s up in other cities too, including L.A., Vegas, Chicago, and Boston.

So why is it such a problem this year?  Well, noise complaints are up in general during the lockdown, because everyone’s home and there’s less traffic to drown things out.  And just wanting to get outside and blow off steam is a factor.

But there are also fewer fireworks displays planned this year,  As we know Fort Vancouver traditional 4th Of July Celebration has been cancelled and more people are buying their own, and there’s a surplus of louder professional-grade fireworks out there.  So it’s possible more people have gotten their hands on them.

Here are a few tips and key things to remember while celebrating this year

Be Respectful, Be Aware, Be Responsible, Have a bucket full of water close at hand or a hose for safety, and Clean up your mess don’t leave it for your neighbors

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