Remember when school board meetings used to be boring?  Those were the days. 

A Portland Public School Board meeting was held last night…  or was almost held, as a number of people refused to wear masks, and prevented the meeting from being held in person.  The meeting was resumed shortly as an online event.

Here’s my question: was this the best way to get your point across?  This is the land of freedom, and you absolutely need to bring up your issues to your school board.  If you have an opinion, there are others who share it, but are too meek or busy to raise opposition to it.  It falls to leaders like you to fight for what you think is right…

…but if you can’t even follow the rules of the meeting?  Your voice doesn’t get heard.  It’s just…  bad business.  It’s ineffective.  You are not fighting for your kids or your freedoms; you’re fighting with yourself, and you’re not winning.

If the school board decides you need to wear a nametag to participate in the meetings, then wear a nametag.  It’s not weakness; it’s civility.  If they decide you have to raise your hand to speak, then you raise your hand.  We’re not animals.  And if they decide you have to wear a mask…  then wear the mask.  As quoted in Hamilton, “if you have skin in the game, you stay in the game.”  Being belligerent and defiant over something so trivial hurts your chances at making a change.

Just…  go along sometimes.  You’ll get further.

KOIN News 6 has the full story here:

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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