Is Your Night Routine Normal

I’ll admit after a long day I like just sit on my back patio and sit in silence and listen to  the trees, the bird’s and nature sounds, it lets me unwind after a long week and sometimes crazy days’

Researchers recently surveyed thousands of people about their nighttime routines, . . . and here are a few of the results they got:  do they match some of Mine Yes how about YOU

1.  49% of people always take showers or a bath at night.  15% never do.

2.  77% always brush their teeth at night.  6% never do.

3.  40% always do a skincare routine at night.  12% never do.

4.  4% always write in a journal at night.  80% never do.

5.  20% always read a book at night.  42% never do.

6.  78% always scroll on their phone at night.  9% never do.

7.  26% always listen to music at night.  48% never do.

8.  3% always meditate at night.  81% never do.

9.  64% always sleep with the door closed.  26% leave it open.

10.  And 72% always want to fall asleep BEFORE midnight.  28% prefer to hit the hay at 12:00 A.M. or later.

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