As a kid growing up I use to crack my knuckles all the time,  I still do it and admit it’s a terrible habit. I remind my kids constantly to stop doing it as well. If you happen to fall in the category of a bone Kracker,  this may make you stop once and for all. A 23-year-old paramedic based in London was left partially paralyzed after she cracked her neck while stretching and accidentally ruptured a major artery.

According to the Daily Mail, Natalie Kunicki, a paramedic in London, was watching movies in bed with a friend after a night out back in March, when she stretched out her neck and heard a loud cracking sound. Fifteen minutes later, Kunicki got up to use the bathroom and collapsed on the floor, not able to move her left leg.

After she eventually called for help, an ambulance rushed Kunicki to the University College London Hospital, where she underwent a three-hour surgery after doctors discovered the ruptured artery in her neck, The rupture of the major artery in her neck caused a blood clot in Kunicki’s brain that triggered a stroke leaving her paralyzed on her left side during surgery, doctors repaired the artery but weren’t able to fully remove the blood clot.  So heads up if you are a bone Kracker you may want to think twice about doing again or leave it to the professionals. Just Saying


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