Karaoke Anyone?

First I feel like Youtube needs major props for setting the scene for our Karaoke needs. I love that we just put the app on and start annoying our neighbors as we belt out our favorite tunes. My son threw me for a loop this weekend with his song choice. While he set the stage for his song I made my way to the kitchen to grab some water and this catchy tune started to play. Low and behold my son starts belting out “Old Town Road” and I am shook! I get the chuckles out  before heading back into the living room to join him for a fun rendition of Lil Nas and Billy Ray.

Old Town Road is up to 56 million Views in just 1 month!

I have no idea where he heard the song but I guess it’s everywhere by now, I mean the views on Youtube are huge.  I’m leaning towards the idea that kids on the bus have been playing it on their phones to pass the time on their way home. This would also be a great song for Red Dead Redemption he says, and I have to agree.

What Karaoke Songs do you like to sing?
Do you have any silly favorites?

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