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Let’s Take Bets On When This Baby Is Showing Up

Baby girl Hays has been resting comfortably for 30 weeks and a few days.

By medical standards she should stay in there another 10 weeks but we all know that just might not be the case. My son, Bridger Bo, was born at 34 weeks and it was VERY unexpected. I had no medical reason as to why our sweet baby boy showed up 6 weeks early. Maybe he wanted out or maybe my body was like ‘we are done here.’ Either way, that puts our sweet daughter on a watch list of sorts.

Because I was preterm with Bridger I have had extra doctor visits, tests and medications to ensure that baby girl stays cooking for as long as possible but it could be that my body just doesn’t make it to 40 weeks and that means, honestly, she could show up at anytime… And that’s got me NERVOUS.

Knowing that babies just like to decide to come out will have me on pins and needles for the next 10 weeks and it’s got me thinking – honestly – when is this baby showing up? WILL she pull a Bridger? Was he just sort of a one off and this baby will be full term? Will she also show up at 34 weeks meaning I’ve only got less than 4 weeks left?


I might be going crazy and also not be sleeping at night. Expecting the unexpected will have you worrying all day and I’m trying to avoid doing that, too.

So, when do you think baby is coming? Is she coming early or cozying up for a nice long stay?



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