My Love Affair With Eli Young Band

They’re the best band in the world…  because of more than just music.

My first introduction to the Eli Young Band was in our own Bloodworks Live Studio.  They came through as a brand new baby act, and I got the opportunity to interview them.  Immediately on stage, I sensed there was a lot more than just talent in this band.  There was a brotherhood that I was really drawn to.  They met in college, and have been together since, and I had a really good time in that interview.  Their record rep came up to me after and said it was the best EYB interview she had ever seen.  We just had a good time there.

We had a couple more interactions in the following years.  Interviews via phone and in person here and there.  Just a lot of respect building there.

Then came one of the most fun trips of my life.  Eli Young Band was playing a concert in the Dominican Republic, and because the stars lined up, we were able to go and broadcast live from the Hard Rock Casino Resort in Punta Cana.  We knew we’d see the band at the concert and the little interview we had scheduled, but we never imagined they’d invite us to dinner, out to the beach, and to their room to watch the SuperBowl with them.  We were blown away by their hospitality, their down-to-earth attitudes, and their dedication to family.  Their wives were there with them, and it was just a delightful 4 days in the Caribbean.

Since then, we’ve kept in touch, and I have grown to love them for much more than their music.  They love a good time, they love their fans, and they love what they do for a living.

They played the Elsinore Theater last night, and again…  it was fantastic.  They played some songs from their albums that I didn’t even know they played live, and the smile on Chris’s (the drummer) face said it all…  this is a band that deserves everything they get.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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