No One looks awesome before they drink coffee

The glowing woman in those coffee commercials always look amazing with their over-sized ivory chenille sweater, sitting in the garden balcony. Those long sweater sleeves covering their hands as they cup a coffee mug with both hands.  Sun shining on their face as they close their eyes to inhale the sweet aroma of a fresh brew that they grinded themselves. I’m the exact opposite of that coffee drinker.

This Coffee Drinker IRL

In the real world I’m wearing sweatpants, rocking a messy side pony tail, and I’m trying not to trip over animals who are competing for my attention.  There’s a half pot of coffee I didn’t finish the day before. Something tells me I should sniff it and I do, but it’s hardly glorious.  I pour it in a plastic cup that was on the counter and pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Prompted by the beep, I pour the now warm coffee into my metal travel mug. There’s something to be said about Folgers’ integrity because it’s not that bad on the 2nd day…or the 3rd day. It’s nothing some extra CoffeeMate can’t handle.


All my low standard peeps say haaaaaay!

Sub-par coffee standards may come with age and/or the lack of giving a crap. I know there’s more of us low standard folks here in this land of bougie coffee drinkers. Look I love coffee but I’m no coffee snob…obviously. I do however have preferences. Like, when it’s hot outside I still drink hot coffee. Iced coffee just isn’t my cup of tea, because it’s coffee that’s iced, and ice in coffee is weird for me. I also kind of prefer that I have at least a cup of day old joe available, because sometimes I don’t want to wait for the coffee to brew.

Do you drink hot coffee even when it’s hot outside?

Do you re-heat old coffee?

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