American Idol VS The Voice.

Ok so we made it thru the Blind Auditions & Hollywood week,  now it’s time to see the contestants for The Voice and American Idol. If you have been following both shows, you’ll have to admit there some pretty dang good talent this year. My wife Kimmy and I had a big discussion this last week on what show is better?  I’ll have to admit I can’t choose between the two, I’m sucked into both shows and as most know,  I have always been a fan of Team Blake, but this year with the addition of John Legend  I’m kinda swaying a bit, I love his swagger, his confidence & his artistry.

Now when I switch over to Idol, I have to say the AI Crew seem a bit scared to give any kind of bad news or critique to the contestants, but this year’s talent has stepped up and there is some serious potential.  One thing I love is the stories behind the contestants and this one really touched me,  I’m talking about Colby from Texas, a farm boy working on his dreams, check out the video as Luke gave him a little present during Hollywood Week.  Who will be the next big star, we will just have to wait and see

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