17-year-old Kentucky native Alex Miller has talent has been showcasing his country chops with covers by the likes of Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell on American Idol.

Luke Bryan encouraged Alex to step outside his comfort zone and perform something different. “I wanna see what Alex Miller morphs into,” Bryan explained. “So throw us a curveball. Pick a pop song. How you play this thing, you’re gonna become a legitimate artist and not just the kid from Kentucky.”

Well on Sunday night Alex Miller stepped onto the Idol stage and sang Merle Haggard’s ‘Silver Wings’ and Bryans’s face was a little disappointed.

The country hopeful was sent home as a result.

However, there was some good news for Miller after his elimination: Once he’d returned to Kentucky, he got a Zoom call from none other than Bryan himself, who extended an exciting surprise invitation.

“Well, I made some calls to my good friends at the Grand Ole Opry and they agreed to let my buddy Alex Miller come perform at the Grand Ole Opry… And maybe I’ll share the stage with you a little bit if you’ll have me.”

The future is bright for this traditional country boy and maybe its better he exited when he did so he can go Grow and blow our socks off

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