Lunchbox did his bathroom confessions in a Chicago airport!

He waits in a stall until someone enters the one next to him and then he knocks on the stall and tells them made up stories that he needs advice on. The first person he told them he was going on a guy’s trip and his wife sent him a nude picture and asked if he wanted him to text it to him. The guy ignored him and left as quickly as possible. The next person he asked about a spot on his ankle that he was worried about and wanted his opinion, but the guy told him he’s the wrong person to ask and that he’s not a doctor so he’s not looking. Then he asked another person about his wife’s new haircut that he didn’t think was flattering and wanted to know how he should respond. The guy told him to tell her the truth, but he’d be screwed either way. The last person he told them he likes to nibble on his wife’s toes when she’s asleep and the other day his wife thought it was mice, so she wanted to get an exterminator. He asked if he should come clean that it’s him. The person left as soon as possible!

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