Lunchbox Gets “Exclusive” Interview With Thomas Rhett at CMA Fest


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At CMA Fest, Lunchbox got an “exclusive” interview with Thomas Rhett and shared information he got no one’s heard before.

While he was backstage, he saw Rhett go to the bathroom, so he waited outside the door for him. He asked him three questions people wouldn’t know about him and captured audio of the moment. As soon as Rhett left the bathroom, Lunchbox hit him with the first questioned and asked him what he called the bugs that light up at night and Rhett replied “fireflies.” The second question he asked was what order he makes a S’more. Rhett replied he starts with the Graham-Cracker, then the chocolate and marshmallow. The final question he asked was if he and his family were going on any trips this summer and Rhett told him they were going to Africa on a safari.

Lunchbox was proud of the interview because no one else knew that Rhett was going to Africa with his family this summer. But Amy shared that when she was talking to Rhett’s wife backstage, she told her they were going to Africa and the trip is extra special because it’s the first time their adopted daughter is going back to her home country. Lunchbox explained that Rhett liked that his interview wasn’t long and that he enjoyed the questions.

Scuba Steve was also backstage at CMA Fest and witnessed some behaviors Lunchbox was doing that probably relate to why he does not get invited to certain events. The first was when Lunchbox went on the stage at Nissan Stadium, the first thing he yelled into the microphone was “Happy New Year, Nashville!” He said he did it because it was the first time he’s seen the crowd this year. He also shouted out to his cousin, who he asked to get free tickets for only an hour before the show. During a break, they went to visit his cousin in the crowd and on the way back to the stage, he saw two girls he didn’t know with chicken fingers and fries, and he grabbed a fry and asked if he could get one, after he already took one from her plate. Then, Scuba witnessed Lunchbox go up to Rhett for an interview but said it happened in the middle of a prayer circle that he interrupted. Then, as he was leaving, he saw Post Malone, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Machine Gun Kelly side stage and went to grab his phone to record them, but a security guard stopped him and asked him how long he had been recording. Lunchbox didn’t know how to respond and was made to put his phone in his pocket and walk away. Lunchbox explained that he is a “content creator” so he took out his phone to get a video of all the artists side stage because no one else had. He got a video of Shelton and Post Malone toasting and drinking together, calling it great content.

Amy explained that Post Malone’s security guard had his eye on Lunchbox because he pushed him out of the way when they were walking by. Also, when she went to get a picture with him, Lunchbox said he’d go with her, but she didn’t want him to because she thought he might get them kicked out because of the reputation he has backstage.

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