Lunchbox feels he should be rewarded for his actions!

He and his family were at the airport, and they were running late so they were rushing to get all their things out of the car. That’s when he noticed a random wallet on the ground. He picked it up and saw they had no cash, so he looked at the ID and yelled the person’s name. A woman in her 60s or 70s that was standing nearby turned around and told him that was her husband. She explained that he had dropped her off while he was going to park the car and he must’ve dropped it then. They were going on a huge wedding anniversary vacation, and if they had lost his wallet, it would’ve ruined the trip.

Lunchbox was happy he was able to help them and return the wallet, but since they did not have any cash on then, he wanted them to Venmo him a tip for doing the right thing. He shared that he could’ve easily kept the wallet but because he didn’t and he helped save these people’s vacation, he wants a cash reward for it. No one else on the show felt his action deserved a reward, especially because people have helped him in similar situations in the past and haven’t expected anything from it.

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