LyricLove: Alabama – Cheap Seats

This is a regular blog series that I write, and it’s usually inspired by new music, but occasionally, I’ll be reminded of a really old song that I loved in the day, and get fired up about country music.  We played a game to give away Seattle Mariners tickets this morning, and this was the mystery song.  If you listen with fresh ears…  it’s still a great song.

Let’s break it down:

This town ain’t big, this town ain’t small
The game was close, we’ll call it a win
They’re not that bad, they’re not that good

This is one of my favorite parts of this song.  The back and forth.  A statement, and then a qualification that brings it back down to Earth.  You can hear the smile in Randy Owen’s voice when he sings these lines, because they’re killer lines.

We got a great pitcher, what’s his name?

Fantastic line.  This encompasses the exact attitude of minor league baseball fans.  Just there for the party, the beer, the sunshine, and they just “wanna see the boys hit it deep.

We do the wave all by ourself.

I can’t help but imagine mullets when I picture this.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull




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