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Man Gets Hit by Deer in McDonald’s Parking Lot

Yes, if you keep watching the video it gets funnier! HA!

Call it a Big Mac Attack. Retired detective Ken Worthy had just finished lunch with his wife at a Locust, North Carolina, McDonald’s. They were strolling through the parking lot, sodas in hand, when something collided with Worthy, knocking him to the ground. It was a deer. “It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face, I was down on the ground — that quick,” Worthy said. He added when the collision was over he doubled over laughing. He’s kept his sense of humor about the accident, especially now that he has the video of the incident to prove that he didn’t hit the deer with his car, but rather, the deer most definitely hit him.

“It wasn’t my wife, it wasn’t kids in the parking lot,” he said. “It could have been worse.” Worthy wasn’t hurt by the deer — and furthermore, he says he didn’t even spill his drink!



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