M&M’s Are Going Full-Oreo-Crazy With Flavors

Fig Newtons were the first to do it, and then Oreo followed suit.  The method is…  just start throwing crazy stuff out the door, and see what happens.

M&Ms have put out a lot of new flavors over the past few years, whereas for many years, it was just regular and Peanut, right?  Now, there’s Crisp, Peanut Butter, Pretzel, Caramel, Mongolian Beef (OK, maybe not that one), and tons more…  and now there’s English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeno, and Thai Coconut Peanut heads to the shelves soon!

How do you feel about it?  I’m generally the guy who says “don’t mess with it,” but that caramel flavor is the bessssssssssst.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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