Movies We Think The Next Generation Needs To See

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared movies from their childhood that they want to make sure the next generation sees. They feel these movies are so important that they deserve to be in the Movie Hall of Fame.

Amy’s movie was The Goonies. She watched it with her kids in the last year and didn’t know if they’d enjoy it but they did. She also realized what a great movie it was from her childhood and loved that it showed an adventure and was fun to watch. Eddie’s suggestion was Star Wars because they will continue expanding that franchise forever and if they see the originals they will fall in love with it. He feels like it’s a generational movie and a must see for his kids. Lunchbox’s movie was The Sandlot because he feels like it’s everything that childhood is about. You’re young and running around with your group of friends and have each other’s backs. Bobby Bones is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure because it also teaches history. He learned things from that movie that he looked more into because it was mentioned in the movie. Mike D’s movie suggestion was the original Jurassic Park so they could better understand the remakes. Morgan’s movie is Harry Potter because it’s a classic and there’s so many spin offs from it. Raymundo’s movie is Mrs. Doubtfire because it’s a feel good family movie.

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