A 19-year-old mud covered guy from Clay, West Virginia walks into the American Idol auditions…

I know that sounds like the set up of some sort of comedy bit but this is a true story that you’re going to want to be following because you could be looking at a country star in the making! Zach Dobbins plays guitar (and pretty well) and sings pretty great, too but the guy has no idea what music really is. He hasn’t taken singing lessons, he doesn’t know vocal terminology and really has no sense of the guitar he strums but one thing is true… He’s got a raw talent and grit that the judges all saw in him.

He played a song he wrote and it worked, yolks! Zack is heading to Hollywood and with the help of superstar Luke Bryan – I think Zack is going to come out singing like a Canary!

We’re rootin for you, Zack!



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