No, Crocs Aren’t Going Away

Like, did anybody even read this article?

I think it’s pretty funny that my name has become synonymous with Crocs.  If there is a press release that comes out and highlights a new style from the shoe company, or there’s negative news around it, I will get tagged about a hundred times.  It’s the same with Peeps.  Those are the two brands that people associate me with.  And that’s fine; I love it.  I’m a legit fan of Crocs and Peeps.  Love ’em both.  If they need a spokesperson, I’m available and proud.

But very few people managed to even click past the headline on yesterday’s news that Crocs is shutting its manufacturing plants down.  Yes, that’s happening, but that doesn’t mean Crocs aren’t going to be made…  they’ll just be made somewhere else.  Hell, those things are not even hard to make!  Any manufacturing plant worth their salt could pull that off.

So thanks everybody for your concern, but my supply of Crocs isn’t suddenly going to dry up.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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