No More Misspelled Text To Family, Friends & Co Workers

How many texts a day do you get and reply to with family, friends, work associates and others!  maybe a hundred ? maybe more  Well if your like me and have fat fingers and hit send before proof reading  to make sure its perfect you’ll love this


In iOS 16, coming out in the fall, you’ll be able to edit and unsend iMessages you’ve recently sent out. You’ll also be able to mark a thread as unread — a gift to those among us who open text messages, put their phone down, and forget to respond for the next six to eight weeks. This update will come out as part of iOS 16, which won’t be available to the public until likely September.


How To Edit Or Unsend iMessages In iOS 16

To unsend a message, all you have to do is long press on the message in question, the way you add a reaction. Choose “Undo Send,” second from the top on the list of options. Your message will disappear with an exploding graphic, and you can watch that embarrassing text you meant to send your mom to vanish before your eyes. According to a press release from June 6, users will only be able to unsend messages for up to two minutes after sending. So if you want to Ctrl+Z that profession of love, you’ll need to act swiftly.

To edit a message, you’ll also need to hold down on the message. Then, select “Edit” from the dropdown menu and adjust your message as needed. You’ll only be able to edit a message up to five times and can make edits up to 15 minutes after sending a message. The recipient will also be able to read the editing history of your message, so you should still try to make your first drafts of texts legible (and appropriate) enough to send without edits.

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