Oh Yeah…  It’s Soup Season

Where are all the soup diets?!?

We’re all doing New Year’s Resolutions right now, and we’re all looking for the edge…  where are the soup-based diets?  Soup is pretty good!  It’s just vegetables and some protein, right?  If you can manage not to crunch up a bunch of Saltines all over it, then it’s pretty low-carb as well!

However, are you anything like me?  I don’t ever want soup.  It’s delicious, and I love it every time I have it, but I have never ordered it in my life.  Some chowder here and there, but the word and concept of soup never sounds that appealing…  unless I’m actually eating it.

What I’m saying is…  I need an authority figure to TELL me to eat soups.  I need a program where if I don’t eat soup, somebody makes me feel really bad about it.  I have faith that I’ll lose weight on this diet, but again, somebody has to tell me to eat it.

Just… somebody charge me some money and make me eat soup.  Is that so much to ask?

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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