One Local Business Is Giving Back For Those Fighting The Coronavirus

Our front line first responders, medical teams, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and are all fighting and working extremely long hours, and sometimes have no time to eat to help fight this COVID19 pandemic.  We found one local business giving back and working hard for those fighting against the coronavirus.

Cheryls On 12th in Portland is raising money to provide food for health care workers and they are matching 50% of every dollar raised. The demand is incredibly high trying to help our local hospitals and clinics, In fact, they already have requests for over 7,000 meals.  These workers are risking their own lives & health to keep us safe, and given all the stress they’re dealing with 24/7, I can’t even describe to you how much a hot meal brightens up their day!

So far Cheryls’s On 12th has raised over $3000, committing $4500 with their matching funds to provide over 300 meals, and with so many teams fighting this, we all know there is a long way to go to help so many. If you want to help provide a hot meal for a team, click HERE for the go fund me page and let’s help feed these angels and reach the goal and beat the Coronavirus.


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