Mom & Dad, from one parent to another I want to give ya a heads up about something going viral, and I learned about it because my daughter asked if I knew what it was and if I had seen it on Tik-Tok the new social media app that is taking over

It’s called the #PennyChallenge and it’s dangerous. The #PennyChallenge, also known as the #OutletChallenge, it ask young kids & teens to record what happens when a penny is slid between a loosely plugged outlet and phone charger. You’ve guessed it, the result is large sparks of electricity that could start a fire in your home.  Now the good news here is that no injuries have been reported .

However, lets not forget what it feels like when we accidentally hit two wires together and sparks fly, another scenario for ya think of your car battery when you have to jump your vehicle, We all here the warning from the electrical company if you see a down wire call  don’t touch stay away.  Electricity is nothing to mess around with and no family should have to endure the pain of losing a loved one or their home because of a social media trend. 

Talk to your kids ask the question ?

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