Patsy Cline: The Dog Who Rescued ME!

Just two years ago I walked into the home of a couple who worked for the Willamette Great Dane Rescue to meet a dog I would eventually call Patsy Cline. They were very honest with me and let me know she had likely been abused, and quite frankly…nobody else wanted her. When I had decided to look for a dog to rescue there was one thing that was important to me, and that was for them to like me! Meaning, when I met them I would see if they seemed to be drawn to me.  I met with several great dogs, but could tell there was not connection…they were not swiping right!

When I started looking for a pup I was at the beginning of a very painful divorce. And to make things worse, I had to move three hours from my kids to accept a job that would provide for essentially two households.  I don’t have to tell many of you that the level of sadness, loneliness, and rejection is at a level that at times feels unbearable.  Quite frankly, you feel like no one wants you! So I don’t think it is a coincidence that many of us go looking for a pet.

So when I walked into the room and Patsy Cline ran up to me as if she’d been waiting on me her entire life…I honestly thought (excuse the language), “Damn, I’m about to take a 110 lb dog to an apartment.”  I then tried the ole, “Well let me go home and think about it” but the rescue asked, “Why not take her home for a couple days and see how it goes?” And within a half mile of leaving she plopped her big head down on my shoulder and I knew she was going to her forever home. In the last two years a dog that was once believed to be aggressive is nothing but loving. Well, she will definitely eat a cat, but she is too big to catch them so all is good!

You can read the Instagram message I received (above) from the wonderful folks at the rescue. It makes me sound like I’m the one who rescued Patsy, but the truth is she rescued me. She provided me with unconditional love, is happy to see me when I come home daily, and for the most part she never shits on me. It is the healthiest relationship I’ve had in 20 years.

Happy National Pet Day



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