A recent survey shows that Peeps are the most hated Easter Candy! I am shocked that they made the worst list and even more appalled that they were #1 at being the worst!? America we need to have a talk. In a world where there are some amazing candies…sour has gotten more sour, chocolate has been mixed with everything and you can pretty much take any of these things dip ’em in batter and deep fry them (note to self…deep fried Peeps…are those a thing yet?) maybe we’ve just gotten too extravagant. So extravagant in fact that our taste buds can’t appreciate the simple goodness that are Peeps.


I’m an OG Peeps fan. Since Peeps have made it in the market, not surrounding the Easter Holiday my life has gotten better.  They changed the game and added some sour flavors like Sour Watermelon and Tropical Fruit plus there’s Party Cake…it’s freaking slap your mama good! Okay I’m over being hurt because in my book there are worse things. Like Jordan Almonds…why Grandma…why did you always have these.


What Easter Candies do you hate?

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