People Are Less Interested in Chinese & Italian Foods Because of Coronavirus

Italian and Chinese have long been popular around the world. However, globally, desire for Chinese and Italian food has plummeted because of the novel coronavirus, according to Chef’s Pencil.

Google Trends data has shown a worldwide drop in Chinese food interest by 33 percent; there was a drop of 24 percent for Italian food. U.S. interest alone has dropped 17 percent for Chinese food and 13 percent for Italian food. In Japan, for example, interest in both cuisines dropped by 96 percent. The public seems to fear that the products carry the virus or that someone from China or Italy has returned to their country with the virus. Some Chinese restaurants report a dramatic drop in business, and there is concern that could affect the financial health of restaurants, suppliers, transport companies and others. Luckily, the disinterest should level out soon.

“[These kinds of] panics usually decline after a month when people have had time to think more rationally,” says psychologist Katharina Wittgens.

More on the story HERE.

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