It’s not enough to say that your city represents “the arts;” you need to back it up with some follow-through.  And Portland does that.

They ranked all the cities in America as far as their friendliness to musicians, and Portland came in #3 on the list!  It was based on data about how many venues pay performers to play, how much its citizens spend on live music, what a professional musician is able to make in Portland, and other criteria as well.

We in Portland aren’t tops at anything, but across the board, it’s pretty consistently favorable for musicians.  The average ticket price is way lower here than other places, and we spend a good chunk of our disposable income on attending musical events.  Also, people who live around here have access to nine different festivals they can commute and watch big groups (country shines in this category) of musicians.

We did fall on the list behind Nashville (because of course we did), but we also fell behind Indianapolis, IN.  Who saw THAT coming?

Clever is the home of the report.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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