PORTLAND, Ore. — Though they called for the war in Gaza to end, a group of about 75 of the protestors at the South Park Blocks did not act peacefully themselves when they broke into Portland State University’s main library and refused to leave Monday night.  That’s according to PSU President Ann Cudd.   “I’m willing to entertain debate and discuss the demands of the protesters, but I would ask them now to choose to engage civilly on these issues rather than to resort to violence and property damage.”

Portland Police Chief Bob Day says he supports free speech, but, “The behavior we’re seeing right now, we cannot support.”

This warning from Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt; there could be criminal charges. “If you’re in the library right now, it would be a good time to leave and go home and continue this conversation in a civil matter.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pointed out, “The university, the city, the county, the prosecutors, the police, we’re all unified, and we will not allow acts of criminal destruction or violence to carry the day in our city.”

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