Road Trippin’ Games

We’re taking a road trip on Labor day. We’re headed to Salem to check out the Oregon State Fair!! It’s not a cross country trip but a road trip is a road trip! This means stopping at the gas station to recklessly buy snacks and sodas while we gas up. Plus our family loves to play games to pass the time on the road, who doesn’t!?


I know we’re not unique with playing I spy or even busting out trivia, (I always carry a box of Trivial Pursuit cards in my purse) but we made up a ridiculous game that entertains our carpool. We call it “Good Answer.” Someone picks a category and everyone gets a go at what could be in that category. Think Family Feud. Sometimes someone throws out a ridiculous answer and even though the family knows that their kin is clearly wrong, they back em up…”GOOD ANSWER!” The object is to talk it out (we like to use Jersey accents) to explain our answers and the more ridiculous the response the better. Everybody is a winner and the wrong stupid answers are the best, if you’re clever enough.


What road trip games do you play with your family and friends?



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